Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Travel By Car

Roughly 50 million Americans travel for the holidays each year. When planning one-off road trips and vacations, you should consider using a car. Or renting one to avoid putting extra miles on your own vehicle. Here are the top reasons why this mode of holiday transportation is superior to buses, trains and everything else.

  1. Getting to see splendid roadside attractions

The United States is a land studded with spectacular roadside attractions. For example, think of the Wee’l Turtle in Dunseith, ND consisting of 2,000 wheel rims. If you opt for flying in order to save time, you miss out on all those incredible exhibits.

In a small Alabama town called Seale, there is a drive-thru art and antique gallery. You can delve into the art world and broaden your mind without even getting out of your car. It is like Guggenheim meeting McDonald’s!

  1. Sleeping on buses is a nightmare

Sleeping on the bus is often challenging because of the presence of other humans. It may get cold, you might be kept awake by constant whining of your fellow travelers or screams of their moody children. In the car, you are in charge. You may stop those back kicks and complaints with an idle threat to turn around.

  1. So many things break down on the train

Trains are full of people, and there are higher odds of breakdowns. The toilets may get blocked, the air conditioning may shut down, or the canteen will run out of your favorite dishes. In winter, the cold causes a lot of problems for railroad workers. With a car, you are free to choose where to stop for a meal or a bathroom break.

  1. You control the playlist

Last year, Southwest Airlines began subjecting its passengers to live music. It is obvious that some people did not appreciate the novelty. After all, aside from the possible disdain for the artists, what if you prefer sleeping or quietly reading a book? A car is a sure way to escape such torture. Make your custom playlist, hop in the rental and enjoy the ride!

  1. The perfect excuse

If your mother-in-law insists you stay longer and taste another unpalatable dish, you can always cite the traffic. This would hardly work with pre-scheduled transportation like plane flights. When you are behind the wheel, you can get out of such unpleasant occasions neatly. Just say “Oh dear, I do wish we could stay, but I’m afraid we’d better hit the road now to beat the traffic!”.

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