Five Golden Rules Of Traveling

Traveling is exciting and fun, especially when you are well-prepared. It changes people to the better, bringing new insights and broadening their horizons. Follow these five golden rules to ensure your trip goes smoothly.

1. Take risks

Be at least a little adventurous. Taking risks does not necessarily involve parachute jumping and other extreme and potentially dangerous activities.  Just skip the most popular attractions for some lesser-known sights. You could even visit a country’s backwater in addition to its glamorous capital. After all, France is not all about the Eiffel Tower and the Bastille. These sites create a glossy facade, but would you like to experience real France?

Naturally, there may be a disappointment, but stories are always interesting once you get off the beaten track. You may find an amazing cafe or meet your soulmate on the way. This way, you will not be following the herd, and the potential rewards make it worthy.

  1. Try something new every day

With the boredom of a 9 to 5 life, you may forget what it is like to spice up your existence. Humans often travel for an escape from the dull routine. It exposes you to a whole new ambiance, novel places, sights, smells, and people. Make sure every day abroad brings fresh experiences. Do not waste time, you will thank yourself for this later.

  1. Connect to people

Step out of the comfort zone of your sterile resort area, and you will be surprised at how much you discover. Whether you talk to your Airbnb host or a local market trader, communication with locals is invaluable if you really want to understand the culture and mentality of the nation. Besides, residents of touristy places are usually friendly and keen to learn from foreigners.

  1. Travel light

The less stuff you carry, the better. Draw up a list of necessary items before you do the packing. Take those which are really indispensable, must-haves, not the nice-to-haves. If you can easily wash clothes on the spot, why carry 14 T-shirts for a two-week stay?

Lay out all your things and evaluate each item. Take versatile garments that can be easily mixed and matched. Focus on things that you are sure to need all the time. In many cases, you can rent or buy a cheap fix instead of dragging extra weight from home. Even if you forget your toothpaste, you can still buy it wherever you go.

  1. Keep your footprint to a minimum

It is always nice to visit a scenic place, but not all tourists remember to pick up their rubbish once the picnic is over. As the old mantra says, “leave only footprints”. Of course, you really should not be drinking tap water while in India, but think carefully about your waste. Plastic items are especially harmful, as their decomposition takes ages.

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